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This post is just a personal reference, as Riku trained with Terra and Aqua and learned a number of skills he didn't know in canon at the time. This post is mainly for organizational purposes and to save me a headache.

Magic Commands )

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SPOILER, SPOILER, SPOILER. Please only read this if you have already played Birth by Sleep or don't mind spoilers, for what lies under the cut relates directly to BBS. While it may not be directly applied to the way I play Riku right away, these are my thoughts on the new canon and how I will be interpreting it ICly and how it fits in with previous games. So, without further ado...

Thoughts on Riku's role in Birth by Sleep )

More general headcanon to come, once I do the meme, most likely. For now, this is just the information I've formulated upon playing BBS along with some tidbits from the Ultimania.
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Since Kingdom Hearts 3D is a relatively new game, this post is designed to make things a little easier on myself when it comes to the presence of spoilers in threads.

Comment here to let me know if you don't want any spoilers or, if there are limits, what spoilers you would rather avoid. Likewise, if you are up for spoilers, please let me know that as well.

So, basically...

What kind of information are you okay with?
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Wanna interact with Riku at any time? You've come to the right place! This post is for convenient interaction, be it voice, action, or written. Just be sure to include the date and time in your comments. Also specify whether it's voice/action/written.
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[After two years, Riku thought that maybe things would turn out all right. Most people who disappear leave in a flash. A month, maybe three. When he woke up in the morning, he expected everything to fall back into its usual routine.

There's just one problem: his apartment's half-empty. At first he thought the absence of Ino was because she'd woken up earlier, maybe decided to do some training. She had a test coming up, after all, but as Riku zips through the apartment, he finds all her belongings have gone amiss.

Stunned silence overtakes him. It's about a half hour later that he addresses the journals.]

Ino's gone. I know she had a lot of friends from back home, so... just thought I'd let you know.

[His voice is strangely subdued, soft and weak. For a moment, he thinks about ending it there, but another thought creeps into his mind.]

How do you guys even handle it? I know some of you have gotten married here or plan to, but don't you realize it could end in a heartbeat? Luceti's just so unpredictable. When you're with someone it's bad enough, but to take the next big step in a place this unstable... I swear I'm not trying to bring anyone down. I just don't understand.


I'll be out by the lake if anyone needs me.

[With that, he snaps his journal shut, venturing out into the woods with his Komory Bat fluttering close behind. His destination is simple: the larger of Luceti's two lakes. Why there? Well, it has everything to do with a raft he's been keeping for the past five years. One of his first accomplishments.

He's had to replace pieces of it more times than he can count, and the sail's a bit tattered now, but anyone in the area may spot him leaning back against the mast and flicking stones into the water.

His bat perches on his shoulder, and he lets out an airy chuckle.]

Hey, relax. I'll sort this out. Just need a little time...
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[Okay, maybe he should've seen this coming. Something feels vaguely familiar about the situation. A strange influx of people, general shenanigans ensuing. The village is a heck of a lot more crowded than he last recalls seeing it, and for that reason, Riku's decided to do a little recon.

So, rather than take it by foot, passersby may spot this young man ricocheting off of trees, buildings, and any other solid objects that'd provide enough of a springboard for his Flowmotion. Just be careful to duck if he comes flying your way. We don't want any head-on collisions!

Later that day, he posts a journal message:]

So, has anyone been keeping a tally of all the people here? Looks like they don't have any wings, so there's gotta be some kinda catch, just like every other time this has happened...

[Well, back to scoping out the area, he supposes, but first:]

Lea, this seems like as good a time as any to get some training done. Hope you haven't been doing too much slacking.


[While Riku's taking the crowds with a touch of skepticism, Ven is not. Oh no, he's scurrying through the streets, smiling, waving, and greeting newbies and even offering some treats if people seem nice enough... in part because he has some excess cookies from a recent baking experiment. But don't worry, they're not toxic! Really!]

Rainbow Dash;

[But newbies may instead find themselves awstruck by the rainbow streaks lighting up the sky as Rainbow Dash rockets down towards the village and shouts at the top of her lungs:]

Hey, newbies! Forget all about the crowds, the noise, and just how crazy this place is. If you're looking for something to get your mind off of all the chaos, well, hang tight, 'cause I'm about to wow ya! Just keep your eyes glued to the sky, kick back, and be amazed. It's not every day you get to see Equestria's top flier pull off heart-pounding, death defying stunts like this!

[And once again, she zips off at hundreds of miles per hour, zigzagging through the sky and sculpting the clouds into the shape of her cartoony pony body... in ten seconds flat. And that's just a warm up, folks! There's plenty more to come.]
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It's kind of crazy seeing all the newbies popping in again. Happens every two months, but whenever a cycle starts, it's like the whole village picks up speed before settling back into its usual calm. Just another part of the routine, I guess.

But it's kind of jarring, too. When it comes to people from my universe, the numbers just keep dwindling. I've already tried getting in touch with Roxas, and, well... You know what happens when filters break.

[...Sigh. Maybe he's getting a bit rambly here.]

Anyway, ice cream. I've got a ton of it that's just taking up freezer space. For any newbies and anyone else who doesn't mind hanging around the fountain, I'm more than happy to toss you a stick. With all the departures, I could probably use more socializing, anyway.

Plus, the last time I got too reclusive, Kairi strapped me to a chair.

[In an apron... with baked goods, but those are some details he'll keep to himself for his own dignity.

But after leaving his message, Riku can be found hanging around the fountain with a box of sea salt ice cream. Not his favorite flavor, but he had to try it at least once. He's also joined by his Komory Bat, who will greet newcomers with enthusastic squeaks and quite possibly hover circles around them. He's kind of enthusiastic.

It's kind of a funny contrast between him and Riku, now a young adult in much milder colored clothes. Even he's a bit baffled by how much he's changed in hindsight.]
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Filtered from Ino;

So... suppose you've been dating someone for, say, about a year. Your first anniversary's coming up, and you really want to blow them away.

[Heh, heh. It's something that's been on his mind for several days now. A whole year is a big deal for someone whose last romantic affairs ended in utter despair. Or heartbreak, at the very least.]

I've got a few ideas, but... well, I don't want to give her anything short of the best. I want it to be something she'll remember.

So, yeah, if anyone's got suggestions, I'm all ears.

[Whew. There. That wasn't so bad, right?]


And by the way, for any New Feathers out there... No, you're not dreaming. No, the Malnosso aren't the ones who brought you here. Yes, there are people with magic, talking ponies, dragons, and turtles, and the barrier's unbreakable.

Filtered to Ino;

...Also, can I talk to you for a second? There's something I want to show you.

[ooc: some replies may be slow while I double check a few things! if it looks like I've skipped your tag, don't worry; I'll get to 'em ASAP. :)]
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You know, I was considering checking out Good Spirits today. Not for anything serious, just to see what the fuss is all about. But now?

[He chuckles.]

...I think I'll hold off on that. Looks like things are getting lively enough as it is, and I'm sure the place is gonna get crowded by the end of the day.

[Riku doesn't really drink, but he knows that people do to destress. Simple logic.]

If anyone needs me, I'll be around.

[And indeed he will. First, he can be spotted bouncing from building to building via flowmotion in an attempt to avoid the crowd.

Later, he can be found out by the lake, relaxing on his trusty raft. After that, it's back to the village to hopefully grab some grub at 7th Heaven, provided it's not too crowded thanks to all the new arrivals.]
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Heh. The end of the year. Time sure flies, huh? This marks the third winter I've spent holed up in this place. Now, I could get all nostalgic about how things changed, but frankly? I'm sure you guys are tired of that by now.

There's... something else on my mind, though. Something I've thought about for a while, about the way this place works.

[He pauses for a few seconds, mulling over how to properly phrase this...]

Anyway, I'm sure most of you guys are familiar with the way people vanish out of the blue just like I'm sure you're used to people showing up without a single memory of their time before. Assuming they'd been here, anyway. But sometimes people come back with memories fully intact or those memories return after a quick reminder. I've even seen a few cases of somebody coming back as a blank slate and showing up again later with memories from a visit before the last.

Maybe I'm over thinking it, but have you guys ever thought that maybe the people who show up without memories might be different versions of someone rather than the same person with those memories wiped out? Now, I'm not saying people actually remember this place back home; I've gone back twice and I sure didn't. And, sure, timelines probably factor into it, but who's to say there can't be, say... twin versions of the same world?

Just some food for thought, I guess.

And some action stuff! )
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[So, funny story. Earlier this morning, Riku had slipped out to grab a bite to eat only, as he waltzed right out the door, he had a sudden and spontaneous departure... only to return about a second later. But before that could so much as sink in? He'd been dragged off quite mysteriously by a couple of droids.

And if that's not weird enough, those by All Passions may notice something falling down from the sky!

...and right into the building...

And right into a pile of clothes! THUD.

For a few seconds, Riku just sorta lies there before his journal lands flat on his face, and a colorful bat soon follows. At least the impromptu landing in the clothes kind of cushioned his fall.

So, yes. Behold the shirtless boy in New Feather pants lying in the middle of the store, folks. He may need a little assistance. Once he's gotten reoriented, however, he'll be storming out of the shop, scooping up his belongings and, with a sigh, addressing the journals some time after that.]

Just when you think this place can't get any weirder, it throws another curve ball. I'd say something about how it's great to be back, but it looks like I haven't even been gone for more than a few hours. And here I thought a few days was bad...

[He pauses, rubbing the back of his neck.]

Has that even happened before? I know time here works differently, but a whole year went by on my end.

[Then again, that year's worth of memories is still a little bit disorienting right now. Blame the quick return, the quick Mallynap, and the three years of Luceti memories, which still ring loud and clear.]

[ooc: Okay, so a few quick things. First, like I mentioned in his OOC intro, his age has been fixed, so he's still in his late teens and not 16. Second, please comment here so I know how much to spoil/not spoil for KH3D.]

46 - voice;

Aug. 8th, 2012 08:15 pm
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[Well, there's no point in dodging this now. Especially after that entry Ling made. Despite his reservations, Riku opens the journal and begins with a short, sweet message.]

Kairi's gone.

[There's a drawn out pause. After all, Kairi'd been there since he first showed up in Luceti, and she'd always been with him and Sora before. And Sora hasn't even shown himself in months. Xion moved. Besides Roxas, everyone else from their universe is off living with Ven.


It's kind of crazy. People come and go all the time, but Kairi was here longer than me. At least three years. Just goes to show how unpredictable this place is. Some people leave in a week. Others years. Some people come back again and again. It's like a constant guessing game.

[...Man, maybe he's thinking too hard on it. Either way, he needs a distraction. Badly. Much as Kairi's departure's upset him, he doesn't wanna make it too obvious. What good would that do?]

But enough about that. No point in crying over spilled milk, right? At least she's not wrapped up in the experiments. That last one was bad enough, and don't even get me started on that 'Count' guy. If he ever met Mickey, I bet he'd rethink his insults a little.
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[...okay, so when was the last time he did this? Three years ago? ...ha. Right. It's really been three years since he came to Luceti.

Well, after a few moments of just staring into the journal, Riku clears his throat and decides to speak up.]

You know, it's been three years since I came here, but it feels like I'm just going through the motions. Everything's just so routine. Maybe I'm just not making enough effort to shake things up. Hard to say, but...


Okay, you know what? I think I should just get to the point. So... yeah, name's Riku, and I'd say I'm in need of some friends. Yes, Kairi, I'm actually doing this by choice this time.

[Because last time was just awkward.]

And for anyone else who's been here a while, got any pointers for keeping busy long term? I know at least some of you keep pretty busy. Heck, if any newcomers have pointers, I'll take just about anything right now.

[OOC: WARNING. Thread with Ino veers slightly into nsfw territory.]

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Mar. 8th, 2012 08:28 pm
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[So, in light of Robert's recent post and that last experiment, Riku's decided that now would be the best time to explain a thing or two.

So, yes, he's actually using the journals again. Gasp.]

So, I take it that most of you dealt with the star-shaped fruit from last month. Well, first of all, they're called paopu fruit. Second, the paopu at the beach were not normal by any means.

Paopu don't mess with your heads usually. They definitely don't give you the sudden urge to make friends at the drop of a hat. That's not to say they're just ordinary, but they're definitely not harmful. So, since somebody might be harvesting them, I wouldn't stress it.

[Hmm... He pauses for a moment, pondering something real quick, and then he continues.]

What I will say is that the paopu are a pretty big deal back home. There's this whole legend about them. Basically, if two people share them, their destinies become intertwined. They'll remain a part of each others' lives no matter what. Some people see it as romantic, others just treat it like an unbreakable connection.

And whether it's true or not... well, I'll just put it this way; I've seen a lot stranger things in the worlds I've visited than a legendary fruit. Could all be superstition, but who knows? Maybe it's legit.

[And with that he will finish with one final thought.]

Still, I wonder why the Malnosso have a weird fixation with Valentine's anyway.
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[When Riku went to visit Sora that morning, he found nothing but an empty room. He didn't need to think twice to figure out what happened. And... heh, for the third time since he arrived in Luceti, too.

It's upsetting, but Riku tends to keep his feelings bottled up a lot of the time. Doesn't help that he's finally snapped out of experimental stupor and still feels... something. But that doesn't matter right now. Today, he's going to address the journal to spread the news. First, he'll address the others from their universe with a quick filter...]

[Filtered to House 39 (BBS house) // 100% Unhackable]

Guys, we should talk. That goes for all of you. Just drop by House 14, if you can. It should be visible now.


[After they meet and discuss everything, he'll finally address the village at large.]

Looks like Sora's gone home again. I know he had a lot of friends, so I... just thought I'd pass it on.

[ooc: The whole cast may be responding to voice replies! Just a quick heads-up.]
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You know, it's kind of crazy to think about. When I first showed up here, I was fifteen, completely powerless, and all I ever wanted was to see the outside world. Everything about this place was new to me. I thought it was a dream come true.

[Mostly, anyway. He had some rough times back then. Selfishness, arrogance, mistakes... It's never fun.]

My friends were a year ahead of me. Learning about the future wasn't easy, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been in that position.

But it's been almost three years. I know my future, and when I leave, I'll probably go right back to where I was. The thing is, I just don't see myself as the same guy my friends know from their time. Not completely.

[There's a pause, followed by a soft 'hm'.]

Anyone else feel that way? Like, after being here for so long, your identity's just kind of changed?

[And with that out of the way, Riku can be found chilling in the battle dome after creating a simulated version of Destiny Islands. After some hanging out there, he'll just be wandering the village. Probably going to hang by the plaza, maybe drop by the library. Anything goes!]
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[Today, Riku is bored. Bored and curious. What does this mean? Well, listen and find out!]

The Malnosso claim they're trying to find a way back to our worlds, and the experiments are their way of doing it. Now, apparently they're just as stuck as we are.

So, they force us through everything from species changes to mind control and act like it's alright. Even throw out a few missions for us to get prizes. That's ignoring the fact that they send us out to war.

Here's what I want to know. How many of you guys believe it? Better yet, does anyone here actually trust them?

Just wondering.
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[Another day, and Riku's feeling fairly bored. He hasn't had a lot to say over the journals as of late, but hey, it's been a while. And with such an... interesting cycle, he might as well say something.

So, Lucetians, witness Riku as he boredly looks into this magical book and speaks.]

So. I think it's pretty obvious that Luceti's got some 'interesting' people around. Mice, rabbits, turtles, demons... I think you get the idea.

Some of you guys aren't as open to this as others. I know I've seen my share of human haters or people against some other group.

[Not that he's surprised; fear of what's different is natural to just about everything.]

So here's a question. What do you guys think of all the species or races that are different than yours? Especially if they're not from your worlds.

[Ah, the wonders of boredom. And since he's still bored...]

And while we're at it, suppose you could go back to your world with memories intact. If you learned about your future here, would you try and change any of it?

[With that out of the way, Riku's going to head down to the battle dome and start creating a quaint little simulation. With the new battle dome settings, Riku's taking advantage of the features in order to recreate one of the more peaceful worlds he's visited in great detail. Way to go, Riku.

Feel free to wander inside. He's definitely in need of some company right about now, and Traverse Town is pretty sweet.]
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Man. It's been two years since I first got here... Kind of hard to believe.

It's pretty crazy to think about. I've seen people leave on a daily basis. Even I did, but it was just a week.

[He sighs.]

Heck, I remember when this place didn't have electricity or a battle dome. It really has changed a lot.

[But he's just getting off track. He pauses for about a minute before he tosses up a quick filter:]

Filtered from Xion, Axel, and Roxas//100%

But there's something else I want to talk about. Anyway...


What do you do if someone forgives you, but you don't want that forgiveness? What are you supposed to say to that?

[Or... he hesitates--]

Or better yet... how do you just let go?

[He won't mention who he's talking about, but those who know him should be able to guess.

Anyway, once that's done, Riku's going to hang out at the bridge around house 14. Just because it's close and away from the business in the center of town. And that's good right about now because he's got a lot on his mind. He has for a while now, it's just gotten more complicated lately.]
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[There's something seriously ironic when your friends get kidnapped again and again and you yourself have not... in almost two years.

So, today, as Riku flips through the journal, he takes a moment to speak.]

You know, I've been here for almost two years, and I've never been kidnapped. It's happened to my friends a few times, probably most of the village too... But it's pretty weird.

Anyone else in the same boat? And if not, how long did it take them to get you?

[Hmm... With that taken care of, he tosses up a quick filter.]

Filtered to Terra (KH)//100% )

[A little later, he leaves the house, heading out to the Battle Dome. Once there, he sets up the simulation in a strange area full of floating stones and rushing waterfalls. Several different Heartless appear in large numbers.

At first the fight isn't too hard; he's dealt with Heartless before, after all. However, as the fight progresses and the Heartless increase in number, it becomes a bit harder to dodge all of them. One of the Wyverns swoops down from above with its talons at the ready, and Riku has little time to react.

So, without even thinking, he steps back, as darkness envelopes his body. He reappears right behind the Wyvern and has little time to consider what just happened. Instead, he blasts a thundaga spell to finish the beast.

A few minutes pass, and he leaves the battle dome. For the next few hours, passers by can expect to see him opening up dark corridors to test the waters. It's true that he's held back a little with his darkness, but the fact that the portals work again is enough to merit some experimentation. He'll be all over the place within the village and forest. ]

[ooc: Mods okayed the use of dark corridors a while ago, but I never got around to an IC discovery of them on Riku's behalf, so here we go.]
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[Things have been pretty stressful recently, between his argument with Xion, Vanitas' surprise attack on Axel, and the impending possibility that he could strike again. Fortunately, with Sora's return to Luceti, Riku's feeling a bit better today, and he'll be spending the evening out and about. Aqua's still kidnapped, which means he'll have to work on his magic on his own, but the battle dome can wait a bit.

For now, he'll chill by the fountain with his journal in hand. Even with everything cooling down, Riku's got a lot on his mind, and one question in particular's been bugging him.]

[Filtered from Known Villains]

Seems like we've got a few new threats to worry about. I'm sure that with the Blue Rogues and Brave Vesperia on the job, it'll be pretty safe, but doesn't it bug anyone that we can't do more to stop them? All we can really do is hold them back. Even death's just a temporary solution.

[He sighs. Mostly, he's just venting.]

Anyway, there's something I've been wondering. How many of you come from worlds where light and darkness actually means something? And by that I mean more than just lamps and shadows.
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So, is anyone else getting a a feeling of déjà-vu around here? Seems awful late for New Feathers to show up, especially this many.

[A beat.]

But something about this does seem kind of familiar.

[And with that said, Riku will head out to scan the village and see who he can find! It's awfully crowded, so of course he's curious.]
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[Today, those wandering through the village might spot this young man wandering around. Not aimlessly, mind you; he recognizes just about everything. How could he not after spending 'years' in Luceti? However, he's taking note of his surroundings. Snow, passersby who look remarkably younger than they usually do.

Oh yeah. Riku's already catching on to what's happening around him. When he opens up his journal and skims through the entries, his suspicions are confirmed, and he opens up to a blank page and starts to speak.

His voice should sound pretty familiar. A bit older, but distinctly Riku's.]

Alright. Let me guess, this is just another experiment. There are a lot of things I could ask right now, but I'll keep things simple.

Just what year is it right now?

[With that taken care of, he closes the journal and continues his search. His old house has to be somewhere close by; it's just a matter of remembering where it was. But for those who spot him, they might notice the ring on his finger. Yup, he's a married man.]

[ooc: I was enabled! Like with Xion, if you guys could comment here, that'd be snazzy. Comments will be made with [ profile] dawnsend.]
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Kind of strange to think of how much this place has changed, just over the past year. Electricity's one thing, but a Battle Dome? Well, I guess it's got its uses.

[There's a pause. Truthfully, Riku's mostly using his journal as a distraction until Xion comes back. And, given who he is, coming up with good conversation material isn't always easy.]

Hey. Who here remembers that amusement park from last year?

35 - voice;

Sep. 2nd, 2010 10:57 pm
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[Filtered from Xion/100%]

What do you think about betrayal? Is it possible to ever make up for it, and just how far do you have to go to make up, anyway?

It's something I've been thinking about lately. Any answers would help...


Filtered to Roxas/100% Unhackable )

Filtered to Xion/100% Unhackable )
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[Well, look who's back in town! Indeed, it seems that Riku's lost a good five or six inches, but judging by the fact that he's already got his regular attire, has a black cloak slumped over his shoulder, and his journal in one hand, it seems he's already well aware of what's going on.

In fact, he's headed right in the direction of the smithy! But as he walks, he lets out a sigh.]

What a mess...

[He stops for a moment, quietly looking into the journal. With another sigh, he continues to speak. Might as well get it over with now--]

Hey. Sora, Kairi... Looks like the Malnosso haven't had enough of me yet.

[And after another short pause:]

I've probably got a lot of explaining to do. Xion... we need to talk. At least, if you'll let me.

[And with that said, he continues heading to the smithy. His sword has to be there somewhere.

Those who cross paths with him are free to interrupt him, of course, and those who can sense light and darkness may find an alarming amount of the latter inside his heart.]
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Why? It was mine. That's how it should've been from the start.

[Who's pissed? Riku's pissed. He's tried a number of times. The Keyblade-- he had it in his grasp. Though he doesn't recall every detail as for why or how, that doesn't matter. The fact is that he did have it... only now it's gone.

He's been trying to call back the weapon a number of times with no avail. Maybe whatever transpired the past week was just an experiment after all.

But he hasn't been at the apartment all day. It's frustrating, really. He knows it's too much to ask for, that Sora's the one who earned it by being the bigshot hero.

But jealousy is one thing that hasn't changed about Riku.

In his frustration, he's made his way back out to the lake where, after giving up on the Keyblade, he's promptly gathering logs and branches. Any distraction is good right about now.]
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Okay, so something's going on. Either it's another experiment, or there's more to it.

I mean, why else would people keep changing? Still doesn't explain why the changes are so different, though.

[He sighs. There's something going on alright, but small-talk won't get him anywhere...

Which is why, shortly after making the entry, people might spot him lurking around the village, trying to get to the bottom of things.

At first glance, he'll seem perfectly normal. Sure, he's got a Keyblade, and Kairi's good luck charm is attached to his belt, but so what? It's not a big deal, right?

... Or is it?]

[ooc: Info here. It is tl;dr.]
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[There are a few drops of ink on the page, followed by something scratched out beyond legibility. A few moments later, Riku writes something below:]

If you had to choose between a friend dying or having to destroy the person who's causing it, even if they're just as important... which would you choose? It's not like death here's permanent, but I don't think that changes much.

[There's another pause, followed by a soft sigh. After that, nothing.]
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Hey, Sora, Kairi. Looks like we don't have to worry about rain today. How about we go finish working on the raft? Sooner it's done, the sooner we can take off.

At least, after that race is over with.



[During the day, it's likely that people will have seen Riku out and about, carrying some rope, spare wood, and other materials. He doesn't stick around long, though, as the raft is out by the lake, and it's high time the "Black Pearl" got its final touch ups after nearly a year's worth of waiting. That, and there's the race that Sora and Sokka are supposed to have. Just another reason to get 'er done.

Eventually he'll make it over to the lake, where he sets down the supplies close by.

Along the way, his thoughts have appeared in a bubble above his head, much like others, shifting from images of him and his friends setting off, to occasional and brief flickers of the Keyblade and some of the other people he knows in Luceti. Whether or not he's caught onto this remains to be seen, as he seems incredibly casual.]

[ooc: Backdated to earlier in the day. People can run into Riku at any point as he heads off.]
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[Riku hasn't been at home much at all recently. In fact, after the experiment he essentially stayed far away from his friends in order to get some space. And to think, of course.

Now? He's essentially done with his brief venture. Between what happened to Sora and Xion going missing, Riku's been sticking closer to home. Right now, however, he's out and about, searching for Xion. There's something they both need to talk about... that is, if he can find her.

Anyone is free to interrupt him, however, as he searches the village and the forest. She has to be somewhere...]
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[There's a brief pause before Riku speaks into the journal. He's been a bit restless as of late, and with the Replica around and his short encounter with Aku, well...]

Anyone up for a round? Haven't had much practice lately, so I could use a sparring partner. I use a sword, but I won't be too picky about weapons.

Filtered to Riku Replica )
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Private; 100% Unhackable )

[Filtered from Riku Replica]

So it turns out they decided to bring a Replica of me here. Not just a Replica, but one with screwed up memories. Just to clear things up... no, he's not me. The guy dresses in some dark suit and carries a weird looking sword, so he shouldn't be too hard to miss.

I'll get to the bottom of this somehow.

[ooc: >> Still on slowatus, just taking a lil' break from my research, shh.]
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Oh, c'mon. There's no way Santa could've actually showed up here. Sora may think he's real, but I still don't buy it.

Besides, I didn't ask for some foam bat. Why would I need one when I've already got a real weapon?


[Well, the irony is that Riku's wearing that dinky little hat Atoli gave him as he searches the village for a few more friends of his. Namely, Sora, Kairi, and Xion, as he's got presents for each of them.

Really, he's only wearing the hat to keep warm. Of course, that doesn't mean people can't poke fun at him.]
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... Okay. Is this normal? Seems like there's more people around than usual, and I'm pretty sure the cycle's over now.

At least, unless it's like in August.

[Either way, Riku's off in the village investigating these shenanigans. Feel free to pester him over the journals or in person! Any and all brainbreak is awesome.]

[ooc: I'm also cool with backdating and other such things. Spoilers are cool, because he already knows his future. Anyway, pester away!]
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It's almost Christmas... but I think that's been pretty obvious with how many people have been talking about it on the journals. Looks like not everyone's familiar with it, but maybe I shouldn't be so surprised. With as many worlds as there are, you can't expect everyone to celebrate the same holidays.

Still, for those that don't... you've been missing out. I mean, besides birthdays it's really the only time of year when you can get that many presents. Then there's the whole "season of giving" thing, I guess.

Do the Malnosso ever do anything around this time? They sure did on Halloween.

[Filtered from Sora, Kairi, Xion, Rena]
But let's get to the point. I need help picking out presents for a few friends of mine.

Filtered from Sora )

Filtered from Kairi )

Filtered from Rena )

Filtered from Xion )
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Private // 90% Unhackable )

[Riku's speech seems...almost nasally. But that's what happens when you goof off in the snow and wind up totally drenched.]

Sora's been kidnapped again. Figures it would happen eventually... the Malnosso just don't know when to quit.

[and there's a pause]

But I wonder what they're up to. I can't be the only one who got a letter. This better be some kind of sick joke.

Filtered to Kairi )

Filtered to Xion )
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Should've known it'd snow sooner or later. Still, it's weird seeing it up close. It was always warm back on the islands, even during winter. Heh, guess this place has its moments.

I don't know what's going on about that doctor, but it seems pretty clear to me that some people could use a distraction. There's snow outside, so I've been thinking... what about some kind of snowball fight? There's more than enough people around here, and it's better than just sitting around, even if it is cold.

[...there's a pause.]

Oh yeah. Sora, Kairi... you two met Xion yet?


[Riku's currently taking a good look around the village, dressed in more appropriate winter clothes. He's not really used to the snow, which is why he's picking some up, aaand...

throwing it! Feel free to get caught in his path or whatever. He's experimenting. Yes.]
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I don't care if it's required. There's no way I'm about to head to some ball; it's just not my thing.

Costumes I can handle, but dancing? Yeah, no thanks.

[ooc: Now watch as I make him show up anyway. >> <<]
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Glad that the project's almost over. Yeah, I get that it's supposed to simulate parenting, but I'm in no real rush for that. Can't believe some people actually dressed theirs up...

[there's a pause]

It's been five months since I got here. Almost half a year and barely anything's changed. [...well, for him, at least.]
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[Well, this is odd.

Out by the fountain, tied down to a chair is Riku. He's wearing a ridiculously frilly apron for some reason and right in front of him there's a table topped with baked goods. Judging by the look on his face, this really wasn't a choice of his. In fact, he seems pretty miffed.

But then, who wouldn't be when your best friends force you out of your little hole to hand out goodies?]

[ooc: Because Riku needs to socialize, Sora and Kairi did this. c: Enjoy?]
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[Well, well. This sure sounds like Roxas, but his tone and inflections are a bit off. Closer to Riku's, really.]

Another experiment... great. I'm really starting to get tired of the Malnosso's sense of humor.

Roxas, you better not try anything. I told Kairi I'd play nice, but that doesn't mean I'll sit around if something comes up.


[And because the last thing he wants is to hang around with Axel, Riku's making his way back to his apartment. He's a bit miffed that he wound up as Roxas, of all people, thus hasn't really considered the temporary Keyblades.

Mistakes are more than welcome, or just random pestering.]
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Private // 25 % Hackable )

Filtered to Sora )

Alright, Kairi, it's been almost than a week now. I'd say that's more than enough rest.

So, anyone up to sparring? Next time an attack like this happens I want to be ready. Besides, I'm sure I'm not the only one who could use practice.
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Private, written // 50% Hackable )

Filtered to Kairi )

Filtered to Xigbar )

Talk about a hectic couple of days. I take it this doesn't happen very often.
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Private || 75% Hackable )

It's been four days, and still no sign of Kairi. Looks like the Malnosso really did get her.

So, I guess what I want to know is this... Are people always in bad shape when they come back? Last time Sora got kidnapped he was, but I just want to make sure.

15 - voice;

Aug. 3rd, 2009 11:03 pm
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[Well, Riku's got a vague idea of what's going on, but he wants to test it. As such, he opens the journal, not bothering to write for once and simply says]

Go jump in the lake.

Added Later: Stop jumping in the lake. Go... do something productive, I guess.

[ooc: Riku is totally evented. ;D Feel free to get some payback, haha.]
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Looks like Sora's back after all. Guess this place couldn't get enough of him. Maybe this time he'll actually stick around for a while. We never did sail that far.

Speaking of which, if any of you guys have been around the river I hope you haven't touched the raft. It'd be a pain if we had to fix it up too much, even if we probably will anyway.


[Looks like Riku's out and about for a change, heading right for the forest. Since it's been a while he's taking the liberty to head for the Black Pearl to make sure it's still in shape. However, interruptions are more than welcome. Lord knows Riku needs to be more social.]


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